A Few Rules

A Few Rules For Successful Entrepreneurs

My clients engage me because I am committed to showing them what works. Where the money is in their business, how to work on business instead of in it, how to sell successfully, serve supremely and scale intelligently. How to sell out and retire with dignity. I lead them to what is new, what is next, what is important, what they cannot see and what is the truth.

Most folks do not work with me to tell them what they necessarily want to hear.
Business as usual can no longer an option.

I am joined by a common cause with my clients. I inspire them to think differently and be more successful.
I have lived and continue to live what they think, feel, experience( the good, the bad and the ugly)

I have a relentless desire to pursue uniqueness in business, love to see people do well and celebrate little wins and big wins along the way.

I live in and operate a No Bull Dust Environment, it is my view that conventional wisdom is neither conventional, nor is it wisdom, and common sense is rarely Common Practice. I have No interest in protecting the Status Quo.

I have  Rules & Values  and a list of what I will and won’t do for money they are not negotiable:

Rule of Fun

  I believe that at times we can tend to take ourselves too seriously.
  Work should be serious fun, we should blur the line between work and fun.

Rule of Value

  I am not cheap.
  My fees are neither based on time nor travel.
  They are based on the ultimate value of my participation, as well as my own unique experiences, and education.

Rule of Mutual Respect

  I am not working for you.
  I am working with you, therefore we treat each other equally and with respect.
  If you call or email, for example, you expect a timely response.
  You will get it.
  I expect the same treatment in return.

Rule of Family

  My family is more important than you and I expect your family to be more important than me.
  I have a Wife, 2 Children – A Las and Lad, My Parents are 88 & 93 years of age.
  This means there may be times where we must choose between work and family.