Wolf Pack is a Membership Community

of determined, like-minded Automotive Workshop and Businesses Owners
who innately want and need something completely different to what they once had.
They are dedicated to both personal & business growth,
it’s where workshop owners share and help each other.

It’s where Mark personally coaches to create more bandwidth and relieves
the day to day
brain damage that inflicts a large majority of workshop owners.
It is where workshop owners come together to shift from tired, business operators…


To Wealthy, Happy Business Owners! 

 Interestingly over the years we have come to discover the following… 

“Business owners who are too tightly constricted, controlled by their work
and are scheduled to capacity are unable to transform themselves”.


Business should Give Life, Not Take it away.

There is no such thing as a natural workshop or business owner… the one thing I have come to understand over the last 35 years In both business and coaching, is that business and success is a very messy kitchen. Successful people are not somehow born with the innate skills and tools that produce superior success and peace of mind.

If I could accomplish one thing for you while you are here, that would be get into a group with like-minded people. Please don’t wait for the right time or the right something whatever that might be. The beauty of getting together with a group is that it gives you tremendous perspective. When you are around people who have been before you, adjusted and survived. Who can point you in the right direction, who can inspire you to give it another crack, it’s really a thing of beauty.


The Power of Proximity, the Power of Knowledge.


“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”

– Jim Rohn

Why I call the Group



Hear from members about their experiences at Automotive Business Coach,

yes every story will be somewhat different — But overall there is a common theme of:

Relief, Satisfaction, Found Money, Clarity, Profitability, Cash-flow,
Teamwork, S
uccess, More Time Off, a Clear Vision for how to Sell Out, 
Support and Control, Fun and Autonomy.

I have no doubt that your story will be somewhat different or perhaps entirely unique. 
We look forward to working with you and your team one day soon.

“You have been directly involved with me since I joined Bascombe AutoAg since February this year, I love the direct contact we have with you it’s great to have my queries and questions answered, you have the ability to see the vital truths in our business and state the realities with straight language, depth and knowledge, from getting the best from our staff, to driving sales and staying ahead of the competition. You set the tone for success, encourage and demand results with realistic timelines on achieving the results. Everyone should have mentor like you to continually challenge and question the when, why and how we conduct your business. We are up by 40.60% from the previous year because you could see the choke points and the genius within the business and its early days, but this year is looking to be another great year for us. Thanks mate it’s really nice to someone on the outside looking in, you are an asset to our business, and we wouldn’t have achieved the great results without your knowledge and guidance over the last twelve months.”

Darren Kelly

Manager, Bascombe AutoAg


Babe Ruth ~ Baseball Hall Of Famer